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Our Solution

Inter Security

BlackBerry AtHoc is a crisis communication and emer- gency notification system developed by BlackBerry. It is designed to help organizations communicate and coordinate during emergencies, such as natural disasters, security incidents, or other critical events. AtHoc enables realtime alerts, messaging, and collaboration to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees, stakeholders, and the community.

Inter Pro

A professional team that installs MEP (Mechanical, Electronic, and Plumbing) systems in construction projects to ensure the systems function optimally, efficiently, and according to the rules. This service includes fire fighting systems, air conditioning systems, surveillance systems (CCTV, access gates, and boom gates), as well as civil construction (houses and buildings).

InterSmartHome by Kyla

A smart home system that can automate/control home devices such as lights, air conditioning, CCTV, door sensors, fire risk detection, etc. Which can be operated through a smartphone.