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We are committed to being a reliable partner for our customers, delivering effective technical solutions, and making a positive contribution to the development of facilities and the industry as a whole.

Intertek Cipta Solusi

About Us

PT Intertek Cipta Solusi, established on May 10, 2023, is a company engaged in the construction of internet network systems, software, and hardware, as well as MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, and Plumbing) solutions. Our services include Blackberry Security System, Kyla Smart Home System, and MEP Installator Team.

We have a team of technology experts who are professional in presenting creative and innovative solutions that provide significant benefits to various sectors and industries, from small-scale businesses to large companies. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are committed to providing the best service and realizing customer needs with effective and efficient solutions.

Our Vision & Mission


To be an engineering service provider that provides solutions based on customer objectivity over other interests, in order to bring useful renewal by maximizing what is already owned and still functioning well in a facility.

Understanding Customer Needs

We will always listen carefully and fully understand the needs, challenges and goals of our customers. With this approach, we will create a suitable and effective solution for every project.

Technological Innovation

Always follow and apply the latest developments in engineering technology. Using innovative tools and approaches, we will seek new ways to maximize the potential of existing facilities and ensure optimal performance.

Objectivity and Honesty

Integrity is the foundation of every step we take. We are committed to providing advice and solutions based on objective data and analysis, putting the interests of our customers above all else.


We understand the importance of sustainability in every project we work on. We will integrate the principles of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency into every solution we offer.

Collaborative Partnerships

We believe in developing long term partnerships with our customers. We will work closely with them at every stage of the project, from planning to implementation, to ensure mutual success.

Team Empowerment

We will develop and empower our team with regular training and opportunities to learn and grow. With a skilled and knowledgeable team, we can provide the best solutions to customers. And no less important we will continue to maintain work safety

Our Solution

Inter Security

BlackBerry AtHoc is a crisis communication and emer- gency notification system developed by BlackBerry. It is designed to help organizations communicate and coordinate during emergencies, such as natural disasters, security incidents, or other critical events. AtHoc enables realtime alerts, messaging, and collaboration to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees, stakeholders, and the community.

Inter Pro

A professional team that installs MEP (Mechanical, Electronic, and Plumbing) systems in construction projects to ensure the systems function optimally, efficiently, and according to the rules. This service includes fire fighting systems, air conditioning systems, surveillance systems (CCTV, access gates, and boom gates), as well as civil construction (houses and buildings).

InterSmartHome by Kyla

A smart home system that can automate/control home devices such as lights, air conditioning, CCTV, door sensors, fire risk detection, etc. Which can be operated through a smartphone.


Why Choose Us?


We deliver industry-leading innovations in internet networking systems, software and hardware, and MEP solutions. Our team is committed to developing the latest tech- nology, in line with the times.

Professional Team

We deliver industry-leading innovations in internet networking systems, software and hardware, and MEP solutions. Our team is committed to developing the latest tech- nology, in line with the times.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We listen carefully to our customers' needs and expectations, and provide friendly, responsive and professional service.

Best Service

We realize that every customer has unique needs. Therefore, we offer solutions that can be customized according to needs and budget, in order to get the most relevant and efficient services.

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